Significant Interactions

Controlled studies are not available, therefore interactions are based on evidence of pharmacological activity and clinical significance is uncertain. xj-v anticoagulants v¿/ Although a clinical study found that consumption of salicin 240 mg/day produced minimal effects on platelet aggregation, higher doses may have a significant effect. Caution with high dose > 240 mg salicin/day.

salicylate drugs

Theoretically, concurrent use may result in additive effects, although this has yet to be tested — observe patients taking this combination.


Theoretically, willowbark may enhance the anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet effects at doses of salicin 240 mg/day — observe patients taking this combination; beneficial interaction may be possible.

An increased risk of bleeding is theoretically possible with high doses > 240 mg salicin — observe.


A reduction in drug requirements may be possible with the use of white willowbark in lower back pain according to a randomised study— beneficial interaction possible.

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