Reducing Mortality From Hiv Infection

Selenium appears to be important in HIV infection, with plasma selenium a strong predictor of disease outcome in both adults and children (Baum & Shor-Posner 1998, Baum et al 1997, Campa et al 1999).

Low selenium status is common in HIV-positive patients and is associated with a decline in Th (CD4) cell counts (Bates 2005). It is also associated with an increased incidence of mycobacterial diseases in HIV-1 -seropositive drug users (Shor-Posner et al 2002, Dworkin 1994, Dworkin et al 1986, 1989). One small intervention trial using low-dose selenium supplements (80 ^g/day with 25 mg vitamin E) over 2 months has shown an improvement in general symptoms but no alterations to immunological or haemotological parameters (Cirelli et al 1991).

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