Reduces Platelet Aggregation

This has been confirmed in animal models and randomised double-blind studies, with effects starting at 10 mg/day (Castano et al 1999a, Arruzazabala et al 1993b, 2002). One clinical study found that a dose of 20 mg/day policosanol produces the same inhibitory effects on platelet aggregation as 100 mg aspirin daily (Arruzazabala et al 1997). A higher dose of 40 mg policosanol does not appear to produce any further © 2007 Elsevier Australia

antiplatelet effects according to another double-blind study (Arruzazabala et al 2002). Thromboxane, but not prostacyclin, generation induced by collagen is also inhibited by policosanol in clinical studies (Carbajal et al 1998a).

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