Preventing Bone Loss

Quercetin is claimed to play an important role in preventing bone loss by affecting osteoclastogenesis and regulating many systemic and local factors, including hormones and cytokines (Son et al 2006), providing a theoretical basis for its use in the prevention of postmenopausal bone loss. In vitro studies demonstrate that bone resorption is mediated by oestrogen-receptor proteins through the inhibition of FiANK protein or the activation of caspases (Rassi et al 2005, Wattel et al 2003). However, in vitro studies also suggest that quercetin inhibits the metabolism of not only osteoclasts (bone-resorption cells), but also osteoblasts (bone-forming cells) and therefore further research is required to elucidate whether quercetin increases or decreases bone mass in vivo (Notoya et al 2004).

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