Premenstrual Syndrome

Three double-blind studies using oral Mg supplements in women with PMS have produced positive results for decreasing symptoms such as fluid retention and mood swings (Facchinetti et al 1991 b, Rosenstein et al 1994, Walker et al 1998). According to all studies, clinical effects develop slowly, starting during the second menstrual cycle.

Although it is not clear what mechanism of action is responsible, a number of studies have identified decreased Mg concentrations in both red blood cell and mononuclear blood cells of women with PMS (Rosenstein et al 1994). Dysmenorrhoea A Cochrane review of seven randomised trials investigating the effects of various treatments for dysmenorrhoea included three trials comparing Mg with placebo. Overall, Mg was found to be more effective than placebo for pain relief and resulted in less extra medication being required (Wilson & Murphy 2001).

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