Pregnancy Use

Oral use is considered to be safe in pregnancy and lactation (NMCD 2003). PRACTICE POINTS/PATIENT COUNSELLING

• Oats are a rich source of nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, zinc; vitamins A, B-complex, C, E and K, and amino acids. Dietary oats also contain a significant amount of soluble fibre.

• Regular intake of wholegrain oat-based cereals may have positive effects on cardiovascular disease risk factors such as hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and glucose regulation.

• Topical use of the cut herb in the bath or 5% colloidal oatmeal in a suitable carrier is used to relieve itch.

• Traditionally, oats are viewed as a nervous system nutritive and therefore used during times of convalescence.

• Patients with coeliac disease should be able to tolerate moderate amounts of oats in the diet.


What will this herb do for me?

Oats are a concentrated nutrient source and also contain soluble fibre. They not only provides a range of vitamins and minerals, but can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and improve blood sugar regulation. When will it start to work?

Scientific studies have shown that oatbran and oat-based cereals can reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure within 5-6 weeks. Are there any safety issues?

Dietary oats should be avoided in cases of intestinal obstruction. REFERENCES

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