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Cocoa is produced through a process of fermenting the seeds from the pods of the cacao tree Theobroma cacao. The beans are dried, roasted, and crushed to produce high-fat, unsweetened chocolate, which is also called baking chocolate. This intermediate is pressed and alkalised to form cocoa powder, which is then homogenised with sugar and cocoa butter, and sometimes milk, to ultimately form chocolate. Dark chocolate generally contains more than 50% cocoa, whereas mass-produced milk chocolate only contains around 10% cocoa. White chocolate is based on cocoa butter (or theobroma oil) without the cocoa solids.

Although many different types of cocoa beans grow throughout the world, three varieties of cocoa beans are mainly used to make chocolate products: (a) criollo (meaning 'native'), distributed to the north and west of the Andes, (b) forastero (meaning 'foreign'), found mainly in the Amazon basin, and (c) trinitario (meaning 'sent from heaven') (Bruinsma &Taren 1999).

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