Other Uses

Traditionally, oats are considered a nervous system nutritive and therefore used during times of convalescence. More specifically, the straw is prescribed for nervous debility and exhaustion, whereas the seed is considered more stimulating and said to gently improve energy and support an overly stressed nervous system (Chevallier 1996).

Preliminary trials have suggested an improvement in sexual interest and performance in people taking oats in combination with nettles. The effects were more consistent in males than females. Further trials are required to confirm the benefits of oats in isolation (Haroian et al 1987).

Interestingly, oats are also used as supportive therapy during nicotine (Beglinger et al 1977, Schmidt & Geckeler 1976) and morphine withdrawal; however, reliable clinical evidence is currently limited and does not fully support these recommendations.

Due to its high soluble fibre content, oats are also used as an aid to weight loss. Taken before meals, they increase satiety and therefore enable smaller food portions to satisfy hunger.

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