Other Uses

Traditionally the seeds are used to treat conditions affecting the veins, including haemorrhoids, phlebitis and varicose veins; bruising, diarrhoea, fever, enlarged prostate, eczema, menstrual pain, painful injuries, sprains, swelling, and spinal © 2007 Elsevier Australia

problems. The leaf Is used for soft tissue swelling from bone fracture and sprains, complaints after concussion, cough, arthritis, and rheumatism, and the bark for malaria and dysentery, and topically for SLE and skin ulcers (NMCD 2006, PDRHealth 2006).

There is some evidence to support its use for preventing post-operative oedema (Sirtori 2001 ) and the antioxidant, vascular toning and anti-inflammatory effects of A. hippocastanum, as well as the presence of flavonoids and other active constituents, may support some of the other traditional uses (Wilkinson & Brown 1999).

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