Other Conditions

Although substantial evidence is so far lacking, niacin is also being investigated for the treatment of intermittent claudication, Raynaud's syndrome and hypothyroidism.

Clinical note — Patients with schizophrenia rarely experience skin-flushing side-effect

The relative absence of skin flushing in response to niacin supplementation by patients with schizophrenia (80% vs 20%) has been attributed to a reduced pharmacological sensitivity rather than an inadequate cutaneous vasodilatory response. As the skin flush response is PG-mediated, schizophrenia may be associated with essential fatty acid deficiency or abnormalities in enzymes, receptors or signal transduction mechanisms that affect the synthesis, release or response to vasodilatory PG (Messamore 2003, Messamore et al 2003, Tavares et al 2003). Diminished sensitivity to niacin skin tests in early psychosis may predict the severity of symptoms (Smesny et al 2003, 2005).

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