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Perilla oil has been shown to reduce the excessive growth of visceral adipose tissue in rats by downregulating adipocyte differentiation in animals (Okuno et al 1997). This has direct relevance to obesity, as a high-fat diet not only accelerates the filling process of pre-existing pre-adipocytes but also stimulates the proliferation of adipose precursor cells. Adipocyte differentiation, from adipoblasts to adipocytes, is a key factor underlying obesity.

A glycoprotein isolated from perilla oil has been shown to inhibit an early stage of HIV-1 replication without blocking viral adsorption in vitro (Kawahata et al 2002, Yamasaki etal 1998).

Perilla-aldehyde has demonstrated vasodilatory activity in isolated rat aorta and appears to work by blocking Ca2+ channels (Takagi et al 2005).The clinical significance of this is currently unknown.

Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

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