Other Actions

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity for cinnamon bark oil has been demonstrated in vitro and for the dry ethanolic extract in vivo (ESCOP 2003, Jarvill-Taylor et al 2001, Lee et al 2003, Mathew & Abraham 2006). Antinociceptive activity has been demonstrated when administered orally to mice in the hot plate and acetic acid writhing induced tests.

Cinnamomum cassia also possesses antipyretic activity (Kurokawa et al 1998) and reduced the occurrence of ulcers in rats in a dose-dependent manner in a study that administered an aqueous extract (Tanaka et al 1989).

Besides antispasmodic and broad-spectrum antibacterial and fungicidal activities, cinnamaldehyde also exhibits antitumor effects (Kwon et al 1998) and cytotoxicity (Moon & Pack 1983).

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