In practice, creatine is often taken with simple carbohydrates, such as glucose or fruit juice, in order to increase creatine accumulation within muscle.

Clinical note— Interview with Steve Brown — Mr Australia and personal trainer

In practice, micronised forms of creatine monohydrate provide superior results to powders or granules and have less gastrointestinal side-effects, particularly when taken with glucose or dark grape juice, according to Steve Brown (pers. commun. 2003). The loading regimen typically increases the ability to lift heavier weights for greater repetitions within 2-4 weeks and occurs quite suddenly. Also, creatine increases alertness and mental sharpness, effects that are obvious after the first week. Although there is a slight weight gain due to water retention, lean body mass also increases, because the body is able to work harder and for longer with creatine. Once supplementation stops, the physical effects on performance quickly reduce and are noticeable after the first week.

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