Muscular Dystrophy

A number of muscle diseases are associated with a decrease in intracellular creatine concentration, which could theoretically contribute to muscle weakness and degeneration of muscle tissue (Wyss et al 1998). As a result, testing with creatine supplementation in a variety of muscle diseases has started.

One double-blind, crossover study of 36 patients with various muscle diseases found that creatine supplementation over 8 weeks produced a mild but significant improvement in muscle strength and daily-life activities on Medical Research Council scales and the Neuromuscular Symptom Score (Walter et al 2000). A single-blind placebo-controlled trial of 21 volunteers with different neuromuscular disorders found that creatine supplementation (10 g daily for 5 days followed by 5 g daily for 5-7 days) produced significant improvements in body weight, handgrip, dorsiflexion, and knee extensor strength (Tarnopolsky et al 1997).

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