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anti-inflammatory and analgesic

Clinical studies using willowbark preparations standardised to salicin content have shown anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity (Chrubasik et al 2000, 2001a, b, Mills et al 1996, Schmid et al 2000). In vitro studies have demonstrated that Salixextract inhibits COX-2-mediated PGE2 release and that it is a weak inhibitor of proinflammatory cytokines (Fiebich & Chrubasik 2004). While salicin is considered the main analgesic constituent, it is now thought that other constituents such as tannins, flavonoids, and salicin esters may contribute to its overall effect (Schmid et al 2001 ).

Clinical note— Lack of significant haemotological effects

It has largely been assumed that willowbarkalters platelet aggregation and increases bleeding time, in much the same way as aspirin. Whether this is in fact correct and clinically significant has been investigated by Krivoy et al (2001). The clinical study found that consumption of Salicis cortex extract (containing 240 mg salicin per daily dose) only minimally affected platelet aggregation compared with a cardioprotective dose of acetylsalicylate (up to 100 mg/day). The particular preparation studied produced a total serum salicylate concentration bioequivalent to only 50 mg acetylsalicylate.

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