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Trlbulus has not undergone significant clinical investigation; therefore, evidence of activity primarily derives from animal and in vitro studies. Additionally, some studies have investigated the pharmacological effects of the isolated saponin content. INCREASES LIBIDO AND ENHANCES SEXUAL FUNCTION

The exact mechanism by which tribulus influences sexual behaviour is not known, but increasing androgenic status and NO release appear to be chiefly responsible (Gauthaman et al 2002). More specifically, some reports have suggested increases in dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and testosterone are possible (Adimoelja 2000, Gauthaman et al 2002).

The constituent protodioscin is considered the most important in this regard and is converted to DHEA. Additionally, ex vivo tests have observed pro-erectile effects with protodioscin due to increased release of NO from the endothelium and nitronergic nerve endings (Adaikan et al 2000).

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