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Noni is purported to have many different effects including analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial, immune enhancement and antihypertensive activity. ANALGESIC

Noni root extract has exhibited opioid-like properties, with dose-dependent analgesic properties in mice that were reversible by naloxone, together with sedative effects at higher doses (Younos et al 1990). Analgesic activity has also been reported in controlled trials using rats and mice (Wang et al 2002).


Fruit, leaf and root extracts have all been shown to exhibit antioxidant activity (Kamiya et al 2004, Zin et al 2006) and NO scavenging activity in vitro (Jagetia & Baliga 2004), with some extracts showing comparable antioxidant activity to tocopherol (Zin et al 2002, 2006), grape seed powder and pycnogenol (Wang et al 2002). The neolignan, americanin A, has shown to be a particularly potent antioxidant in vitro (Su et al 2005).

Noni juice has been shown to reduce free radicals and liver damage in the livers of carbon-tetrachloride treated rats (Wang et al 2002). A 1 -month double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial involving 68 smokers found that 50 ml_ of noni juice twice daily significantly reduced plasma superoxide radicals and lipid peroxides (Wang et al 2002). Noni juice inhibits the enzymatic activity of COX-1 (Li et al 2003) and COX-2 in vitro (Wang et al 2002). The clinical significance of these findings is yet to be determined.

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