Intermittent Claudication

Policosanol treatment for intermittent claudication has produced encouraging results in several randomised studies (Castano et al 1999b, 2001 b, 2003a). Policosanol 10 mg/day taken for 6 months significantly increased initial claudication distance by approximately 70 metres and absolute claudication by approximately 140 metres in one double-blind study, whereas placebo produced no changes (Castano et al 1999b). A single-blind study using 20 mg policosanol daily showed significant improvements after 6 months' treatment, which further increased after 12 months (Castano et al 2001 b). In both studies patients in the policosanol group reported improvements in lower limb symptoms that were greater than those in the placebo group.

More recently, policosanol (10 mg twice daily) was shown to be as effective as ticlopidine (250 mg twice daily) for improving walking distances of claudicant patients (Castano et al 2004a). In the 20-week double-blind, randomised study of 28 subjects, policosanol significantly increased mean values of initial and absolute claudication distances from 162.1 to 273.2 metres and from 255.8 to 401.0 metres, © 2007 Elsevier Australia

respectively, which was not significantly different to ticlopidine. Both treatments were well tolerated.

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