Interleukin2 Immunotherapy

Clinical trials using l-carnitine (1 g/day orally) found that it may be used successfully to prevent cardiac complications during IL-2 immunotherapy in cancer patients with clinically relevant cardiac disorders (Lissoni et al 1993). Thus a beneficial interaction is possible under professional supervision.


Research into the use of l-carnitine 4 g/day for 7 days showed a reduction in fatigue resulting from treatment with cisplatin (Graziano et al 2002) — beneficial interaction is possible under professional supervision.


In vitro studies indicate prevention of muscle damage due to carnitine depletion (Dalakas et al 1994, Moretti et al 2002, Semino-Mora et al 1994). Patients with HIV infection undergoing highly active antiretroviral therapy can be carnitine deficient and supplementation of l-carnitine has been proposed to 'increase the number of CD4 cells and reduce lymphocyte apoptosis; improve symptoms of polyneuropathy; prevent cardiovascular damage from wasting and diarrhoea syndromes; decrease serum levels of triglycerides and TNF(alpha)' (llias et al 2004). Beneficial interaction is possible. Increased carnitine intake may be required with long-term therapy.

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