Reduced drug side-effects

Beneficial Interaction possible

According to In vivo studies, reduced chewing movements and tongue protrusions possible with concurrent use

Phenothlazlnes (e.g.

chlorpromazlne, trifluoperazine)

Evening primrose oil

Reduced drug effects

Avoid concomitant use until safety can be established

Several case reports suggest that evening primrose oil may reduce seizure threshold and reduce drug effectiveness In patients with schizophrenia treated with phenothlazlnes

Chlorpromazlne (e.g. Largactll)

Vitamin E

Reduced drug effects


According to In vitro research, vitamin E Inhibits drug uptake In human cultured fibroblasts — clinical significance unknown

CNS agents

Cholinergic drugs Tacrine (e.g. Cognex)


Beneficial Interaction possible

Cholinergic activity has been Identified for brahml, so Increased drug activity Is theoretically possible

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