Vitamin D

Reduced vitamin D absorption

Beneficial Interaction possible

Increased vitamin D Intake may be required with long-term therapy



Additive effects

Beneficial Interaction possible

RCT has shown that a combination of low-dose betamethasone (2 mg/day) and L-carnltlne (4 g/5 days) was more effective In preventing respiratory distress syndrome (7.3% vs 14.5%) and death (1.8% vs 7.3%) In preterm Infants than high-dose betamethasone given alone (8 mg/2 days)



Potential outcome



Agents affecting calcium and bone metabolism

Alendronate (e.g. Fosamax) and Etidronate (e.g. Didronel)


Reduced drug absorption

Separate doses by at least 2 hours

Calcium may reduce drug absorption; however, adequate calcium Is required for optimal drug effects

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