St Mary's thistle

Reduced drug side-effects but may Increase drug effects


Decreases hepatotoxlclty; however, herb may reduce drug metabolism leading to Increased effects — clinical significance unknown


Balcal skullcap

Increased side-effects


There have been reports of acute pneumonitis due to a possible Interaction between Sho-salko-to preparation (containing balcal skullcap) and Interferon, which appears to be due to an aHerglc-lmmunologlcal mechanism rather than direct toxicity



Reduced side-effects

Beneficial Interaction possible

Clinical trials with patients being treated with Interferon-alpha for hepatitis Cfound a reduction In fatigue associated with treatment when carnitine 2 g/day was co-ad ministered

Tacrolimus (e.g. Prog raf)

St John's wort

Reduced drug effects

Avoid unless under medical supervision

Decreased drug serum levels


Influenza virus vaccine

Ginseng — Siberian

Reduced side-effects

Beneficial Interaction possible

May reduce the risk of post-vaccine reactions

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