Turmeric Benefits and Uses

Turmeric Health Benefits and Culinary Uses

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This is an index to the herbal medicines, conditions and main actions (clinical uses) discussed in this book. Minor actions and drug interactions have not been indexed for each medicine (although drug interactions are indexed when discussed in the chapters).

Related information might be found under clinical uses and effects for each condition of interest (eg under 'hyperlipidaemia' and 'lipid-lowering activity').

Page locators indicate the first page number only, but not a page range for a continual discussion of a topic.

Index entries for special groups (eg 'elderly') are used when drugs are specifically recommended for a group of people, but not when the medicine is used for general purposes and aspects of its use for special groups is discussed. For example, a drug for morning sickness is indexed under 'pregnancy', but the safety of a general drug in pregnancy is not.


See glucosamine 5-alpha reductase inhibition saw palmetto Aaron's rod See goldenrod See mullein abortion (recurrent)

vitamin B12 Abyssinian myrrh

See myrrh Acanthopanax

See Siberian ginseng acne chaste tree tea tree oil zinc Adam's flannel See mullein adaptogens (resistance to stress) Korean ginseng schlsandra Siberian ginseng tyrosine wlthania adenosyl-L-methlonine (SAMe) adhatoda Adhatoda vasica See adhatoda adlantifolla

See ginkgo biloba adjustment disorder hawthorn adolescents calcium adrenal hormones vitamin C adrenocortlcoid Insufficiency licorice aescule

See horse chestnut


See horse chestnut Aetheroleum Eucalypti

See eucalyptus African cucumber

See bitter melon African ginger See ginger African plum tree

See pygeum African prune tree

See pygeum age-related macular degeneration lutein zinc agnus castus See chaste tree ail

See garlic ajo

See garlic al-gutub

See trlbulus alblzia

Alblzla lebbeck

See alblzia alcachofa

See globe artichoke alcacuz

See licorice alcaucll

See globe artichoke alcohol Intake

St John's wort alcohol withdrawal vitamin B1 alcoholic liver diseases

St Mary's thistle alcoholism vitamin B1

Jit is

aldolase reductase Inhibition

Alzheimer's dementia


fish oils

aldose reductase Inhibition



vitamin B1


vitamin E




See valerian




See St John's wort

See valerian

American coneflower

allergic rhinitis

See echinacea

stinging nettle

American dwarf palm tree

allergy effects

See saw palmetto


American elm

baical skullcap

See slippery elm


amino acid metabolism


folate and

peri IIa

vitamin B1


amino monosaccharide


See glucosamine

See garlic

amoraclae rustlcanae radix

Allium sativum

See horseradish

See garlic

anabolic effects

almlndellg tlmlan


See thyme

Siberian ginseng

Aloe barbadensls


See aloe vera


aloe vera





vitamin B2 (riboflavin)


vitamin B12

saw palmetto

vitamin C

alpha tocopherol


See vitamin E




See feverfew

kava kava

altitude sickness


ginkgo biloba



bitter melon

See pygeum


analgesia— continued devil's claw feverfew ginger kava kava Korean ginseng lemon balm meadowsweet nonl shark cartilage St John's wort stinging nettle wlllowbark androgen receptor binding saw palmetto androgenetlc alopecia saw palmetto andrographls Andrographis paniculata

See andrographls Angelica

See dong qual angina astragalus carnitine coenzyme Q10 vitamin E anglogenesls shark cartilage turmeric anorexia nervosa vitamin B3 (niacin) zinc anthelmintic activity bitter melon thyme anti-emetic activity baical skullcap antl-lnflamatory effects goldenseal anti-Inflammatory effects adhatoda aloe vera andrographls baical skullcap bilberry black cohosh brahml calendula celery chamomile chondroltln cloves damlana dandelion devil's claw echinacea euca lyptus evening primrose oil fenugreek feverfew fish oils flaxseed oil ginger ginkgo biloba glucosamine golden rod grape seed extract hawthorn horse chestnut Korean ginseng lemon balm licorice meadowsweet myrrh

New Zealand green-lipped mussel nonl olive perllla pygeum

anti-inflammatory effects— continued quercetin raspberry leaf rosemary SAMe saw palmetto shark cartilage St John's wort St Mary's thistle stinging nettle turmeric willowbark withania anti-NF-kappa B activity turmeric anti-oedema activity bilberry ginkgo biloba horse chestnut anti-oestrogenic activity rosemary anti-tumour effects St Mary's thistle antiangiogenic activity shark cartilage antibacterial actity bitter melon antibacterial activity aloe vera baical skullcap chamomile chitosan cinnamon citrus aurantium cloves colostrum cranberry green tea honey hops lemon balm © 2007 Elsevier Australia licorice mullein olive rosemary St John's wort tea tree oil withania anticarcinogenic effects astragalus beta-carotene grape seed extract green tea lutein peril la turmeric withania anticoagulant effects dong quai ginkgo biloba anticonvulsant-induced folate deficiency folate anticonvulsant-induced osteomalacia vitamin D antidepressant activity brahmi chromium licorice peril la SAMe

St John's wort antiemetic activity ginger vitamin B1 antifibrotic activity baical skullcap St Mary's thistle antifungal activity baical skullcap chitosan citrus aurantium

antifungal activity— continued cloves echinacea lemon balm olive tea tree oil wlthanla antihistamine activity vitamin C antihypertensive activity coenzyme Q10 fish oils garlic

Korean ginseng nonl oats olive quercetln antlmetastatlc effects

Korean ginseng antimicrobial activity balcal skullcap calendula chamomile eucalyptus garlic ginger goldenseal Gymnema sylvestre lavender mullein nonl olive peppermint sage thyme antlmutagenlc effects grape seed extract olive turmeric antineoplastic effects garlic lavender shark cartilage wlthanla antlNF-kappa B activity turmeric antinociceptive effects brahml fenugreek antiestrogenic activity rosemary antioxidant actlty beta-carotene olive antioxidant activity astragalus balcal skullcap bilberry brahml citrus aurantlum cocoa coenzyme Q10

cranberry dandelion garlic ginger ginkgo biloba globe artichoke glutamlne grape seed extract green tea hawthorn honey horse chestnut lemon balm licorice lutein lycopene nonl

antioxidant activity— continued perilla quercetin rosemary sage schlsandra selenium slippery elm soy

St Mary's thistle turmeric tyrosine vitamin A vitamin B3 (niacin) vitamin C vitamin E wlthanla zinc antiplatelet activity andrographls balcal skullcap dong qual fish oils flaxseed oil garlic ginger ginkgo blloba grape seed extract Korean ginseng licorice pollcosanol turmeric antiproliferative effects balcal skullcap fish oils flaxseed oil hops stinging nettle turmeric antipruritic effects oats antipyretic action andrographls fenugreek antiseptic activity cloves myrrh antispasmodic effects chamomile feverfew golden rod kava kava peppermint rosemary sage saw palmetto thyme turmeric valerian antithrombotic activity andrographls evening primrose oil fish oils flaxseed oil garlic olive antltumour effects Korean ginseng mullein nonl turmeric antitussive effects adhatoda chlckweed cocoa euca lyptus thyme antiviral activity aloe vera astragalus balcal skullcap

antiviral activity— continued bitter melon citrus aurantlum cloves colostrum echinacea green tea hawthorn L-lyslne lemon balm licorice mullein olive quercetln Siberian ginseng St John's wort stinging nettle tea tree oil anxiety baical skullcap brahml hawthorn hops kava kava lavender lemon balm passionflower selenium St John's wort valerian wlthanla aphrodisiac activity trlbulus Apium graveolens

See celery apoptosls baical skullcap Korean ginseng turmeric appetite loss fenugreek gentian sage appetite suppressants citrus aurantlum guarana apricot vine

See passionflower Arbre aux quarante ecus

See ginkgo blloba Armoracia

See horseradish aromatherapy citrus aurantlum euca lyptus arrhythmias coenzyme Q10 fish oils flaxseed oil hawthorn magnesium arteriosclerosis garlic arthritis devil's claw evening primrose oil feverfew fish oils

New Zealand green-lipped mussel olive selenium stinging nettle turmeric vitamin B2 (riboflavin) vitamin E wlthanla artlchaut

See globe artichoke arusha

See adhatoda ascleplas geminate

See Gymnema sylvestre

ascorbic acid

See vitamin C ashwagandha

See withania asthma adhatoda albizia beta-carotene fish oils ginkgo biloba magnesium

New Zealand green-lipped mussel quercetin selenium vitamin C astragalus

Astragalus membranaceus

See astragalus astringent activity bilberry raspberry leaf sage thyme ATBC study vitamin E atherogenesis fish oils goldenseal olive atherosclerosis flaxseed oil garlic hawthorn turmeric athlete's foot tea tree oil Atlantic yam

See wild yam atopic dermatitis fish oils St John's wort aubepine

See hawthorn Australian fever tree leaf

See eucalyptus Australian tea tree oil

See tea tree oil autism vitamin B6 auto-immune thyroiditis selenium Avena satlva See oats awa

See kava kava Ayurvedic ginseng

See withania Ba Ji Tian

See noni bachelors button

See feverfew back pain devil's claw bacopa

See brahmi Bacopa monnlerl

See brahmi bai guo ye

See ginkgo biloba baical skullcap baies de myrtille

See bilberry bakash

See adhatoda baking chocolate

See cocoa bal

See myrrh balderbrackenwurzel See valerian




bird's foot


See fenugreek

saw palmetto

bitter gourd


See bitter melon

See valerian

bitter melon


bitter orange

See valerian

See citrus aurantlum

balm mint

black cohosh

See lemon balm

black sampson

balsam pear

See echinacea

See bitter melon

black snakeroot


See black cohosh

See St John's wort

black susans

ban tulsl

See echinacea

See peril la

Black, French or Spanish psyllium


See psyllium

See black cohosh

blanket herb

Barbados aloe

See mullein

See aloe vera



See bilberry

See wild yam


bay willow


See wlllowbark

blood clotting

bee balm


See lemon balm

blood sugar control

beefsteak plant


See peril la


beg kei

Gymnema sylvestre

See astragalus


bei ql

vitamin B3 (niacin)

See astragalus

vitamin C

benign prostatic hypertrophy


red clover

See dandelion

saw palmetto

blue balm

stinging nettle

See lemon balm

benzodiazepine withdrawal

blue chamomile

kava kava

See chamomile


blue gum

bianco splno

See eucalyptus

See hawthorn

See hawthorn

blue mountain tea See goldenrod body weight creatine bol

See myrrh bone effects calcium quercetln vitamin C vitamin D bone marrow effects balcal skullcap wlthanla bowel cancer lutein brahml brain function vitamin C Brauneria

See echinacea Brazilian cocoa See guarana breast cancer fish oils flaxseed oil lutein vitamin D brennessel kraut

See stinging nettle brldewort

See meadowsweet brittle willow

See wlllowbark broad-leafed sage

See sage bronchial phlegm chlckweed bronchitis chlckweed thyme bronchodllator activity adhatoda buckeye

See horse chestnut bugbane

See black cohosh bunny's ears

See mullein bupleurum combination balcal skullcap burns aloe vera calendula chlckweed glutamlne honey

St John's wort butter rose

See evening primrose oil C. zeylanicum

See cinnamon cabbage palm

See saw palmetto calcium calcium regulation L-lyslne vitamin D calendula Calendula arvensis

See calendula Calendula officinalis

See calendula Camellia sinensis See green tea camomile grande

See feverfew camphor of the poor

See garlic cancer astragalus

cancer— continued ATBC study baical skullcap beta-carotene bitter melon fish oils flaxseed oil folate garlic glutamlne goldenseal grape seed extract green tea Korean ginseng licorice lutein lycopene nonl olive quercetln red clover rosemary selenium shark cartilage soy

St John's wort turmeric vitamin A vitamin C vitamin D vitamin E wlthanla candidiasis echinacea candlewlck plant

See mullein cankerwort

See dandelion cannelle de ceylan See cinnamon capillary wall strength grape seed extract carbohydrate metabolism vitamin B1 ca rclofo

See globe artichoke cardiac surgery coenzyme Q10 cardiogenic shock carnitine ca rdlomyopathy carnitine cardioprotective activity beta-carotene coenzyme Q10 dong qual folate glutamlne green tea quercetln vitamin B12 cardiovascular diseases astragalus beta-carotene carnitine cocoa coenzyme Q10

evening primrose oil fish oils flaxseed oil garlic goldenseal hawthorn

Korean ginseng lycopene magnesium olive quercetln red clover selenium

cardiovascular diseases— continued soy turmeric vitamin B6 vitamin C vitamin E cardo bianco

See St Mary's thistle cardo de burro

See St Mary's thistle Carduus marianus

See St Mary's thistle carminative activity cinnamon lavender peppermint carnitine carpal tunnel syndrome vitamin B6 cartilage protection chondroltln Caryophyllus aromaticus

See cloves cassia

See cinnamon Castao de Indlas

See horse chestnut cataracts beta-carotene lutein lycopene quercetln vitamin B2 (riboflavin) vitamin C catarrh golden rod cats-head

See trlbulus celery cell differentiation and growth vitamin A

vitamin D zinc cellular energy production carnitine creatine vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) cellular function carnitine central nervous system depression kava kava central nervous system stimulation guarana cerebrovascular disease magnesium cervical cancer folate lycopene cervicitis tea tree oil cevll's bones

See wild yam Ceylon celonzlml cinnamon

See cinnamon Ceylon cinnamon See cinnamon chamomile Chamomiiia recutita

See chamomile chandon marie

See St Mary's thistle chaste tree chasteberry

See chaste tree cheese fruit See nonl chemoklne binding balcal skullcap chemoprotectlve activity astragalus balcal skullcap y

chemo protective activity— continued

Chinese cinnamon


See cinnamon

fish oils

Chinese hawthorn


See hawthorn


Chinese licorice

grape seed extract

See licorice


Chinese magnolia vine

Korean ginseng

See sch isandra


Chinese skullcap


See baical skullcap


Chinese tea


See green tea




See andrographis

vitamin A


vitamin B3 (niacin)

See andrographis

vitamin E



See chitosan

chemotherapy adjuncts




baical skullcap

See cocoa


cholagogue action




globe artichoke

See horse chestnut


Chiang huang

wild yam

See turmeric

choleretic action



childbirth, perineal discomfort following



globe artichoke




cholesterol lowering


baical skullcap

St John's wort

coenzyme Q10

vitamin A


China root


See wild yam


Chinese angelica


See dong quai

Gymnema sylvestre

Chinese basil


See peril la

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cholesterol lowering— continued lycopene myrrh pollcosanol vitamin B3 (niacin) vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) cholesterol oxidation pollcosanol cholinergic activity lemon balm chondroltln chondroprotectlve effects chondroltln glucosamine vitamin B3 (niacin) chromium chronic liver diseases

St Mary's thistle chronic obstructive pulmonary disease coenzyme Q10 chronic otitis media mullein chronic prostatitis saw palmetto chrysanthemum parthenlum

See feverfew ci wu jla

See Siberian ginseng Cimicifuga racemosa See black cohosh clneole

See eucalyptus Cinnamomum cassia

See cinnamon Cinnamomum verum

See cinnamon cinnamon cinnamon bark

See cinnamon circulatory stimulation horseradish cirrhosis of the liver SAMe

St Mary's thistle citrus aurantlum Citrus sinensis

See citrus aurantlum claudication (Intermittent)

vitamin E clinical use of vitamins and minerals clover

See red clover cloves CNS effects guarana kava kava Cochiearia armoracia

See horseradish cocoa cocoa liquor See cocoa cocoa mass

See cocoa coenzyme A synthesis vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) coenzyme activity folate vitamin B1

vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) vitamin B6 coenzyme Q10

cofactorfor biochemical reactions chromium vitamin B12 zinc cognitive effects alblzla brahml cocoa fish oils folate

cognitive effects— continued guarana Korean ginseng lavender lemon balm rosemary sage soy tyrosine vitamin B12 wlthania cold stress tyrosine colic root

See wild yam colitis lemon balm colorectal cancer calcium fish oils flaxseed oil folate vitamin D colostrum combflower

See echinacea Commiphora molmol

See myrrh common balm

See lemon balm common cold andrographls garlic meadowsweet zinc common dandelion

See dandelion common ginger

See ginger common hops See hops common lavender

See lavender common myrrh

See myrrh common nettle

See stinging nettle common sage

See sage common thyme

See thyme compass plant

See rosemary complementary medicine associations concentration Korean ginseng lavender rosemary coneflower

See echinacea congestive heart failure astragalus carnitine coenzyme Q10 creatine goldenseal hawthorn magnesium connective tissue maintenance vitamin C constipation magnesium convulsions vitamin B6 coronary artery disease flaxseed oil magnesium cortex clnnamomi ceylanlci

See cinnamon cough adhatoda mullein

cow clover

See red clover cow slip

See evening primrose oil COX-2 Inhibition balcal skullcap crack willow

See wlllowbark cramping valerian cranberry Crataegus

See hawthorn creatine Crohn's disease zinc curacao aloe

See aloe vera Curcuma longa See turmeric cure-all

See lemon balm Cyanara scolymus

See globe artichoke cynara

See globe artichoke CYP enzymes citrus aurantlum cystitis golden rod tea tree oil da-suan

See garlic dairy products problotlc enriched da Ich in i

See cinnamon dalmatlan sage

See sage damlana dandelion dang gul

See dong qual deafness, sudden ginkgo biloba deficiencies calcium carnitine chltosan chromium coenzyme Q10 creatine evening primrose oil fish oils folate glutamlne

Iron lutein lycopene magnesium probiotics selenium tyrosine vitamin A

vitamin B1

vitamin B2 (riboflavin) vitamin B3 (niacin) vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) vitamin B6 vitamin B12 vitamin C vitamin D vitamin E zinc definitions dementia folate ginkgo biloba vitamin B1 vitamin E

demulcent effects chickweed mullein slippery elm dental carles cinnamon cocoa green tea peri IIa dental plaque prevention chltosan depression chromium folate ginkgo biloba SAMe selenium St John's wort tyrosine vitamin B3 (niacin) vitamin B12 withania dermatitis chamomile evening primrose oil fish oils licorice slippery elm St John's wort devil's claw devil's scourge

See St John's wort devil's shrub

See Siberian ginseng devil's-thorn

See tribulus diabetes baical skullcap bitter melon chromium cinnamon damiana evening primrose oil fenugreek fish oils goldenseal

Gymnema sylvestre magnesium olive psyllium quercetin vitamin B3 (niacin) vitamin C vitamin E zinc diabetic neuropathy vitamin B12 diabetic retinopathy grape seed extract dialysis vitamin E diarrhoea bilberry chamomile colostrum goldenseal probiotics raspberry leaf thyme zinc diffuse oesophageal spasm (DES)

peppermint digestion andrographis astragalus cirtrus aurantium fenugreek gentian hops horseradish probiotics raspberry leaf

dihydrotestosterone binding saw palmetto diosgenin

See wild yam Discorea

See wild yam diuretic activity baical skullcap dandelion globe artichoke golden rod stinging nettle trlbulus DNA synthesis vitamin B1 dollchos soja

See soy dolloff

See meadowsweet dong qual dropsy plant

See lemon balm drop wort

See meadowsweet drug Interactions drug poisoning

St Mary's thistle drug withdrawal tyrosine vitamin B1 wlthanla duck foot tree

See ginkgo blloba dwarf bilberry See bilberry dwarf palmetto

See saw palmetto dysllpldemla

See hyperllpldaemla dysmenorrhoea black cohosh magnesium vitamin B1 dyspepsia calcium cinnamon citrus aurantlum devil's claw fenugreek gentian ginger globe artichoke lavender licorice magnesium peppermint raspberry leaf sage

St Mary's thistle thyme turmeric e zhu

See turmeric ear drops mullein echinacea echter

See cinnamon ecorce de canneller de Ceylan

See cinnamon eczema chamomile chlckweed education In herbal medicine egoma

See perllla elderly creatine folate lutein vitamin E zinc

electronic databases eleuthero root

See Siberian ginseng Eleutherococcus sentlcosus

See Siberian ginseng emollient action mullein endometrial cancer lutein endometriosis evening primrose oil endothelial function fish oils flaxseed oil vitamin C English hawthorn See hawthorn English lavender See lavender environmental toxins

St Mary's thistle enzymes iron saw palmetto epilepsy baical skullcap Korean ginseng epithelial cell maintenance vitamin A EPO

See evening primrose oil Epstein-Barr virus licorice erectile dysfunction

Korean ginseng ergogenic aids carnitine coenzyme Q10 creatine guarana iron

Siberian ginseng tribulus vitamin C eschilo

See horse chestnut escine

See horse chestnut Essence of eucalyptus rectlflee

See eucalyptus essential oils chamomile peppermint peril la euca lyptol

See eucalyptus euca lyptus Eucalyptus cltrlodora

See eucalyptus Eucalyptus dives

See eucalyptus Eucalyptus globulus

See eucalyptus Eucalyptus polybractea

See eucalyptus Eugenia

See cloves European bilberry

See bilberry European blueberries

See bilberry European hops

See hops evening primrose oil evidence-based medicine expectorant effects chickweed licorice eye health in diabetes vitamin C eye root

See goldenseal

(•tlendala eye strain grape seed extract fan palm

See saw palmetto farlgola

See thyme fat binding chltosan fatigue Iron

Siberian ginseng featherfew

See feverfew featherfoll

See feverfew febrile convulsions vitamin B6 female reproductive system disorders evening primrose oil wild yam fenugreek fertility carnitine selenium vitamin E zinc fetal growth calcium fish oils fever wlllowbark fever plant

See evening primrose oil fever tree

See eucalyptus feverfew fibre

See chltosan fibrinolysis stimulation garlic fibromyalgia

SAMe fibrosis balcal skullcap St Mary's thistle Field marigold

See calendula Filipéndula ulmaria

See meadowsweet fish oils flannel-leaf

See mullein flaxseed oil fleur d'ulmalre

See meadowsweet Flos chamomll

See chamomile folacln

See folate folate (vitamin B9) folia thyml

See thyme folic acid

See folate food fortification with folate food sources c ocoa calcium carnitine chondroltin chromium coenzyme Q10 creatine fish oils folate glucosamine

Iron lutein lycopene magnesium

food sources— continued

garden thyme


See thyme





vitamin A

See thyme

vitamin B1

gastric ulcers

vitamin B2 (riboflavin)


vitamin B3 (niacin)


vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)


vitamin B6


vitamin B12


vitamin C

Korean ginseng

vitamin D


vitamin E




fossil tree

gastrointestinal conditions

See ginkgo blloba

aloe vera

Fournler's gangrene




fragrant valerian


See valerian




See raspberry leaf

Korean ginseng

freen chlretta


See andrographls

lemon balm

French lavender


See lavender

slippery elm



aloe vera

gastroprotectlve activity





garden balm


See lemon balm

Korean ginseng

garden lavender


See lavender


garden marigold

St Mary's thistle

See calendula


garden rosemary

See chaste tree

See rosemary

gemnema mellclda

garden sage

See Gymnema sylvestre

See sage

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