Increases Levels Of Intestinal Pglycoprotein

SJW extract produced a 3.8-fold increase of intestinal P-glycoprotein (P-gp) expression in vivo (Durr et al 2000). Hyperforin has been identified as the key constituent responsible for P-gp induction effects (Tian et al 2005), although in vitro tests suggest other less potent constituents also exist such as quercetin, hypericin, biapigenin and kaempferol (Patel et al 2004, Weber et al 2004).

Once again, low hyperforin SJW extracts do not appear to significantly induce Pgp (Arold et al 2005, Madabushi et al 2006, Mueller et al 2004).

In vitro and in vivo tests further indicate that P-gp effects caused by standard SJW (LI 160) are biphasic with an initial inhibitory effect followed by induction after longer exposure (Rengelshausen et al 2005, Wang et al 2004a).

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