High doses of an aqueous extract of ginger (500 mg/kg) significantly reduced serum cholesterol according to an animal study that used oral doses of a raw aqueous extract of ginger administered daily for a period of 4 weeks (Thomson et al 2002).

Effects on triglyceride levels are more difficult to determine, as one study demonstrated that 250 fjg ginger extract/day reduced serum triglyceride levels by 27% in mice (Fuhrman et al 2000), whereas another study using a high dose of 500 mg/kg found no significant effects (Thomson et al 2002).

An ex-vivo study found that 250^g/day of a standardised ginger extract significantly reduced plasma LDL-cholesterol levels, the LDL basal oxidative state, as well as LDL-cholesterol and serum cholesterol's susceptibility to oxidation and aggregation, compared with placebo. Ginger also reduced aortic atherosclerotic lesions by 44% in atherosclerotic mouse aorta (Fuhrman et al 2000).

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