Tardive dyskinesia (rhythmical involuntary movements of the tongue, face, mouth or jaw e.g. protrusion of tongue, puffing of cheeks, puckering of mouth, chewing movements) may result from long-term therapy with the antipsychotic medication haloperidol and may be irreversible in some individuals with no known effective treatment. Oxidative stress and the products of lipid peroxidation have been implicated in the pathophysiology of tardive dyskinesia and co-administration of quercetin (25-100 mg/kg) has been shown to dose-dependently reduce haloperidol-induced vacuous chewing movements and tongue protrusions in animal models (Naidu et al 2003). Beneficial interaction theoretically possible under professional supervision.

^pv paclitaxel

Vi/ Pretreatment with quercetin may increase the bioavailability of paclitaxel according to animal studies (Choi et al 2004). Caution — use under professional supervision; doses may need to be adjusted accordingly.


According to animal data, pretreatment with quercetin may reduce the risk of mortality from paracetamol overdose (Janbaz et al 2004). However, effects in humans have not been studied — beneficial interaction theoretically possible.

quinolone antibiotics

In vitro, quercetin binds to the DNA gyrase site in bacteria and therefore may theoretically compete with quinolone antibiotics that also bind to this site (PDRHealth 2005) —caution.


Concurrent use of quercetin with the antileishmanial drug stibanate appears to improve the efficacy of the drug and reduce the anaemia and parasitaemia associated with the condition (Sen et al 2005) — beneficial interaction theoretically possible.

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