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Bovine colostrums (BC) is derived from cows, and hyperimmune BC is derived from cows that have been exposed to organisms that can cause disease in humans.

Clinical note - Hyperimmune bovine colostrum

Bovine colostrum contains a variety of Ig, but the specific Ig present varies and is influenced by previous immune system challenges. Hyperimmune BC, in which the concentration of specific antibodies is raised, can be produced by immunising cows with either specific pathogens or their antigens. For example, BC from cows exposed to rotavirus might contain a relatively high neutralising Ig titre against the virus (as well as many other pathogenic microorganisms), whereas BC collected from cows never exposed to rotavirus is less likely to have specific neutralising Ig against rotavirus. This is an important distinction, because much of the research on BC as prophylaxis or treatment for infectious disease, has focused on products that are, as a consequence of specific immune provocation, immunologically unique (Kelly 2003)._

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