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Cocoa and chocolate are nutritious foods that contribute to caloric as well as trace mineral intake (Steinberg et al 2003). Milk chocolate has a relatively low glycaemic index of approximately 40 (Foster-Powell et al 2002) and this is attributed to the fat in chocolate slowing gastric emptying and thus the rate of subsequent digestion and absorption. The glycaemic effect of milk chocolate can be further reduced by replacing the sucrose with fructose or isomalt (Gee et al 1991). Foods containing cocoa have been shown to lead to a greater postprandial insulin secretion in healthy young adults than foods with alternative flavourings, despite having a similar glycaemic index. It is suggested that specific insulinogenic amino acids or greater cephalic phase insulin release may explain this finding, although the clinical implications are uncertain (Miller et al 1995).

Milk chocolate has also been shown to be a cheap, effective and palatable form of fatty meal for producing gall bladder contraction prior to cholecystography (Harvey 1977).

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