Fibrocystic Breast Disease And Cyclic Mastalgia

A 1993 review that focused on three clinical studies suggests that iodine supplementation may improve objective and subjective outcomes, including pain and fibrosis, for women with fibrocystic breast disease and cyclic mastalgia (Ghent et al 1993). Together the trials involved 1000 women and used a variety of different forms, the most successful being molecular iodine at a dose of 0.08 mg/kg (approximately equivalent to 500 fjg/day in a 60 kg woman) (Ghent et al 1993).

Recently a placebo-controlled trial conducted with 11 euthyroid women with cyclic mastalgia tested different doses of molecular iodine ranging from 1.5 to 6 mg/day and showed that after 3 months of treatment, 50% of patients consuming 3 or 6 mg/day experienced a significant decrease in pain (Kessler 2004). Although no dose-related adverse events were detected, further investigation is required to confirm both efficacy and safety.

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