Dosage Range

• Vitamin A activity is expressed as a unit called microgram retinol equivalents (RE) (Miller et al 1998): 1 /jg RE = 1 /jg all-trans retinol or 6 /jg all-trans betacarotene or

3.33 international units (IU) of vitamin A or 1 /jg RE is equivalent in activity to 1.78 fjg of retinyl pa Imitate and 10 IU activity from beta-carotene. AUSTRALIAN RDI (IN MICROGRAMS RE) Children

1-3 years: 300^g/day. 4-8 years: 400^g/day. 9-13 years: 600^g/day. Girls 14-18 years: 700^g/day. Boys 14-18 years: 900^g/day. Adults

Females: 700^g/day.

Males: 900^g/day.

Upper level of intake: 3000^g/day.


Lactation : 1100^g/day.

• Deficiency without corneal changes: 10 000-1 5 000 lU/day for 1-2 weeks, until clinical improvement is apparent.

• General treatment doses: 10 000-50 000 lU/day have been used short term.

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