Dosage Range

Naturally occurring food proteins contain 4-8% of their amino acid residues as glutamine and so the daily consumption is usually less than 10 g/day (Hall et al 1996).

Supplemental L-GIn is available for oral and enteral use (in capsules, tablets and powder form) and in a dipeptide form for parenteral use.

While solubility and stability are primarily factors for TPN solutions, several factors should also be considered when using oral supplements, as powder forms are often mixed into a solution to enable easy administration of higher doses: 1 g of L-GIn dissolves in 20.8 mL of water at 30°C (PDRHealth 2006a) and is stable for up to 22 days if stored at 4°C (Hornsby-Lewis et al 1994). Ideally, powdered formulas should be consumed immediately after mixing.

• Gut repair: 7-21 g taken orally as a single dose or in divided doses.

• Cancer therapy: 2-4 g twice daily swished in the mouth and swallowed (up to 30 g have been used in trials and given orally in divided doses).

• Critical illness: 5 g/500 mL of enteral feeding solution. © 2007 Elsevier Australia

• HIV: 30 g/day taken orally as a single dose or In divided doses.

• Infection: 12-30.5 g in an enteral feeding solution.

• Infants: 0.3 g/kg/day added to breast milk or to preterm formula.

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