Dosage Range

Probably no other herb is available in as many forms as lavender.

• Infusion (tea): 1.5 g dried flowers in 150 mL water.

• Internal: 1-4 drops (20-80 mg) on a sugar cube.

• External use: mix 20 drops of oil with 20 mL of carrier oil such as almond oil. May be applied undiluted to insect bites or stings.

• As a bath additive: 20-100 g lavender flowers are commonly steeped in 2 L boiling water, strained, and then added to the bathwater.

• Aromatherapy: use a few drops of lavender oil on a suitable oil diffuser or on a pillow slip to assist sleep.

Lavender oil is quickly absorbed by the skin and constituents linalool and linalyl acetate have been detected in the blood 5 minutes after administration. Blood levels peak after 19 minutes and are negligible by 90 minutes.

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