Dosage Range

• Dried rhizome: 1.5-3 g/day in divided doses or equivalent to 60-120 mg kavapyrones daily.

• Fluid extract (1:2): 3-8.5 mL/day in divided doses.

• Ideally, ethanolic extracts should contain > 20 mg/mL kava lactones. ACCORDING TO CLINICAL STUDIES

• Anxiety: generally doses up to 300 mg daily of kava extract WS 1490 providing

105-210 mg kavalactones. A kava extract LI 1 50 (400 mg/day) was used successfully in generalised anxiety disorder.

• Insomnia — a single dose of 300 mg kava extract.

• Benzodiazepine withdrawal — 300 mg/day of kava extract.

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