Dosage Range

• Extract equivalent to 0.9-3 g crude ginseng root (Bensky & Gamble 1986). © 2007 Elsevier Australia

• Standardised extract: 1.5-4.0% total ginsensosides calculated as ginsenoside Rg 1.

• Cognitive function: doses of 400-900 mg are recommended. Lower doses may be associated with 'cognitive costs' and slowing performance on attention tasks (Kennedy & Scholey 2003).

• Cardiovascular use: 1.5-2 g three times daily.

Many of the clinical studies published in the scientific literature have used a proprietary extract of ginseng standardised to 4% total ginsenosides (G115 or ginsana produced by Pharmaton, Switzerland).

Ginseng is usually given in the earlier part of the day. It should not be given in the evening unless it is used to promote wakefulness. Ginseng is usually not given to children.

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