Dosage Range

• Prevention of deficiency (adult Australian RDI): 1.1-1.2 mg/day.

• Treatment of marginal deficiency states: 5-30 mg/day.

• Critical deficiency: 50-100 mg IV or IM for 7-14 days after which oral doses are used (Tanphaichitr 1999).

• Congestive heart failure: 100 mg twice daily IV for 1-2 weeks then 200 mg/day orally .

• Dysmenorrhoea: 100 mg/day orally.

• Support of alcohol withdrawal: 100 mg given IV or IM.

• Fatigue (when marginal deficiency likely): 10 mg/day. AUSTRALIAN RDI

Females > 13 years: 1.1 mg/day. Males > 13 years: 1.2 mg/day.

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