Tea tree oil may be an effective treatment for dermatitis in dogs. Tea tree oil cream (10%) was applied twice daily for 4 weeks to 53 dogs suffering from chronic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, interdigitaI pyoderma, acral lick dermatitis and skinfold pyoderma (Fitzi et al 2002). At the end of the trial 82% of the animals had a good or very good response to treatment with most symptoms disappearing, although two dogs experienced local irritation. Another trial by the same research team again evaluated the tea tree cream and blinded the study with a commercial skin care cream (Reichling et al 2004). Fifty-seven dogs were involved in this study and again the results were similar, with drastically reduced dermatitis in 71 % of animals as compared to 41% using the control cream. A local reaction was reported in one dog.

5 Common Skin Problems Answered

5 Common Skin Problems Answered

Our skin may just feel like a mere shield that protects us from the world outside. But, the fact is, its more than just the mask that keeps your insides in. It is a very unique and remarkable complex organ that reflects our general health.

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