Dental Caries And Gingivitis

Green tea extract tablets and chewable oral preparations have been investigated for effects on dental plaque formation and gingival health under RCT conditions, overall producing favourable results (Liu & Chi 2000).

A double-blind study investigated the effects of green tea catechins and polyphenols on the gingiva when used in the form of chewable oral sweets (Krahwinkel & Willershausen 2000). Compared with placebo, the green tea product chewed eight times a day significantly decreased gingival inflammation and improved periodontal structures before the 21 -day test period was complete.

Another study investigated Chinese green tea polyphenol tablets for effects on plaque formation in 1 50 volunteers (Liu & Chi 2000). The randomised, controlled crossover study showed that green tea polyphenol tablets used for 2 weeks were able to reduce the plaque index compared with placebo treatment.

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