Defatted Perilla Seed Extract

Defatted peril la seed extract is a concentrated ethanolic extract rich in polyphenols compounds including rosmarinic acid, rosmarinic acid methyl ester and the flavones apigenin, luteolin and chrysoeriol. Normally flavonoids exist as glycosides in plants; however, in perilla seed extract they occur as aglycones (free flavonoids), which have more potent activity. The defatted extract is free of peril lyl ketone, peri I ly I aldehyde and peril lyl alcohol (Oryza Co. 2003).

The leaf contains flavones, including apigenin and luteolin, flavone glycosides, anthocyanins, phenolic compounds including rosmarinic acid, and aldehydes including peril lyl aldehyde (Makino et al 2003a).

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