Chronic Leg Cramps

Two randomised, double-blind studies have investigated the use of oral Mg supplements in people with leg cramps. Frusso et al (1999) conducted a crossover trial involving 45 individuals who had experienced at least six cramps during the previous month. Subjects were given 1 month of oral magnesium citrate (900 mg twice daily) followed by a matching placebo for 1 month, or visa versa. This treatment regimen failed to reduce the severity, duration or number of nocturnal leg cramps. In contrast, Roffe et al (2002) tested magnesium citrate equivalent to 300 mg magnesium in subjects suffering regular leg cramps and identified a trend towards fewer cramps with active treatment (P = 0.07). Significantly more subjects thought that the treatment had helped after magnesium than after placebo (36 (78%) and 25 (54%) respectively). Interestingly, in both studies patients improved overtime regardless of the treatment they received.

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