Chemoprotective And Adjunct In Cancer Therapy

Rosemary was used topically to treat cancer in ancient Greece and South America. Although controlled trials are yet to be conducted, it has been suggested that rosemary may delay and inhibit tumour formation in women with breast cancer (Abascal & Yarnell 2001) and that it has potential as a preventive agent or as an adjunct in cancer therapy. An in vitro study in human breast cancer cells found that rosemary extract increased the intracellular accumulation of commonly used chemotherapeutic agents, including doxorubicin and vinblastine via inhibition of P-glycoprotein, thereby overcoming multidrug resistance in tumour cells (Plouzek et al 1999). Clinical studies are required to determine whether the effect is significant.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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