The dietary status of niacin has the potential to affect DNA repair, genomic stability, and the immune system thus influencing cancer risk (Kirkland 2003), and increased demand may occur in many malignancies, including primary hepatoma (Jacobs & Wood 2003).

In vitro studies have shown that NAD(+) is important for PARP-1 activity, an enzyme that is thought to be important for genomic stability. In vitro and animal studies have indicated that niacin deficiency increases genomic instability and may Vitamin B3_Niacin 1225

increase the risk for certain tumours. While NAD(+) is niacin dependent, high doses

of nicotinamide inhibit PARP-1 in vitro, hence the effects may be dose dependent (Hageman & Stierum 2001). Niacin as a precursor for NAD(+) also inhibits DNA strand breakage in vitro and stimulates repair (Weitberg & Corvese 1990).

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