Chemical Components

The leaves contain several different alkaloids, including vasicine, vasicinone, vasicinol, adhatodine, adhatonine, adhavasinone, anisotine, peganine (Claeson et al 2000), betaine, steroids and alkanes. The root also contains alkaloids (vasicinol, vasicinolone, vasicinone, adhatonine), a steroid (daucosterol), carbohydrates and alkanes (Claeson et al 2000).

Clinical note

One of the alkaloids found in the herb (vasicine) has been chemically modified and is referred to as RLX (6,7,8,9,10,12-hexahydro-azepino-[2,1 -b]-quinazoline-12-one) in the medical literature (John & Zutshi 2000). It has been shown in animal studies

to inhibit antigen-induced mast-cell degranulation and histamine release and exert bronchodilator activity.

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