Based On Clinical Studies

• Depression: 400-1600 mg/day in divided doses. Sometimes it is started as 200 mg twice daily, increased on day 2 to 400 mg twice daily and then increased again to 400 mg three times daily on day 10 until reaching the full therapeutic dose of 400 mg four times daily by day 20, if necessary (Pizzorno & Murray 2006).

• Osteoarthritis: 1200 mg/day in divided doses, taken as above, with a reduced dose of 400 mg/day used as a maintenance dose once a response occurs.

• Fibromyalgia: 600-800 mg/day in divided doses.

• Liver diseases: 400-1200 mg/day in divided doses, although larger doses have been used.

• Parkinson's disease: 800-3600 mg/day in divided doses.

• Migraine: 400-800 mg/day in divided doses.

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