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Chromium picolinate is the best absorbed form, although chromium nicotinate may have a better safety profile and the synergistic effects with nicotinic acid may have further benefits in some conditions, especially with regard to lipid profiles.

Clinical note — Does chromium picolinate cause cancer?

There has been some concern in the past over in vitro studies suggesting chromium picolinate exerts clastogenic effects in hamster ovary cells (Stearns et al 1995a, 2002) and possible DNA damage (Speetjens et al 1999). This has been refuted by a number of authors, suggesting the doses tested were several thousand times higher than equivalent human doses (McCarty 1997, Salmon 1996) and that chromium is relatively short lived so that the accumulated doses suggested by researchers (Stearns et al 1995a) were not feasible (Hepburn & Vincent 2003). It should also be noted that picolinic acid appears to be the source of the concern and other forms of chromium have not been implicated (Bagchi et al 2002, Stearns et al 1995b).

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