In vitro research has identified seven antioxidant compounds from an acetone extract of licorice: four isoflavans (hispaglabridin A, hispaglabridin B, glabridin and 4'-0-methylglabridin), two chalcones (isoprenylchalcone derivative and isoliquiritigenin) and an isoflavone (formononetin) (Vaya et al 1997). Isoflavones from licorice were also shown to be effective in protecting mitochondrial function against oxidative stresses (Haraguchi 2000).

Reduces lipid peroxidation Macrophage-mediated oxidation of LDL-cholesterol plays a major role in early atherogenesis. In animal models glabridin accumulates in macrophages and inhibits macrophage-mediated oxidation of LDL by up to 80% (Aviram 2004). DGL (100 mg/day for 2 weeks) was found to reduce lipid peroxidation of LDL-cholesterol after 1 week's use according to a placebo-controlled trial (Fuhrman et al 1997).

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