According to one case report, l-carnitine 1 g/day may potentiate the anticoagulant effects of acenocoumarol (also known as nicoumalone or acenocumarin) (Martinez et al 1993). Use this combination with caution. Monitor bleeding time and signs and symptoms of excessive bleeding.


Trials with children and adults have shown a reduction in carnitine levels during anticonvulsant therapy (Hug et al 1991, Rodriguez-Segade et al 1989). l-Carnitine deficiency may cause or potentiate valproate toxicity and supplementation is known to reduce the toxicity of valproate, as well as symptoms of fatigue. In a trial using Carnitine 190

l-carnitine for acute valproate poisoning no adverse events were noted (LoVecchio et

al 2005). Increased carnitine intake may be required with long-term therapy — potentially beneficial interaction under professional supervision.

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