Flavonoids have anti-allergic activities and are known to inhibit histamine release from basophils and mast cells. Luteolin and baicalein have been shown to inhibit IgE antibody-mediated immediate and late phase allergic reactions in mice. In an in-vitro study, luteolin and baicalein inhibited IgE-mediated histamine release from mast cells. The compounds also inhibited IgE-mediated TNF-alpha and IL-6 production from mast cells. However, the compounds did not affect the histamine, serotonin or platelet-activating factor-induced cutaneous reactions in rats (Kimata et al 2000). Baical skullcap 60

Wogonin, wogonoside and 3,5,7,2',6'-pentahydroxyl flavanone isolated from baical skullcap decrease histamine, leukotriene B4 and IgE in vitro (Lim 2004).

Baicalein is 5-10-fold more potent than the anti-allergic drug, azelastine. Baicalein significantly suppressed leukotriene C4 release by polymorphonuclear leukocytes obtained from asthmatic patients compared with healthy subjects (Niitsuma et al 2001).

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