Adverse Reactions

Toxicity studies in rats fed up to 5% of their diet in LGIn showed no toxic events (Tsubuku et al 2004) and glutamine dose-response studies have demonstrated 'good tolerance without untoward clinical or biochemical effects' (Ziegler et al 1999).

Most adverse reactions are mild and uncommon; they include gastrointestinal complaints such as constipation and bloating (PDRHealth 2006a). No evidence of harm has been observed in the studies conducted to date (Wischmeyer 2003).

A report exists of mania in two hypomanic patients after self-medication with up to 4 g/day glutamine (Membane 1984). As glutamine is a pre-cursor of GABA this may provide a possible explanation.

Two cases of a transient increase in liver enzyme levels have also been reported (Hornsby-Lewis et al 1994).

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Constipation Prescription

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