Adverse Reactions

The safety of curcumin is demonstrated by the fact that it has been consumed for centuries at levels of up to 10 mg/day by people in certain countries (Ammon & Wahl 1991). Curcumin was not toxic to humans in doses up to 8000 mg/day when taken by mouth for 3 months (Cheng et al 2001). Multiple other human trials have also found it to be safe with no alteration of liver or renal function tests (Chainani-Wu

2003, Prucksunand et al 2001, Ramirez-Bosca et al 1995, Ramirez et al 1997, Sharma etal 2001).

Large doses of turmeric powder may cause gastrointestinal irritation in some persons (Bhavani at al 1980) and very high dosages have been shown to reduce fertility in male rats (human equivalent doses would be 35 g turmeric/70 kg adult) (Meenakshi & Ashok 2001). Normal therapeutic dosages of turmeric are not expected to affect fertility. Contact dermatitis has been reported (Hata et al 1997), as has a single case of anaphylaxis (Robinson 2003).

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