According To Clinical Studies

• Osteoporosis prophylaxis: 1 500 mg/day in combination with accessory nutrients (e.g. zinc, manganese, copper and fluoride, HRT or antiresorptive drugs).

• Premenstrual syndrome: 1200-1600 mg/day.

• Prevention of pre-eclampsia: 2000 mg/day.

• Increased BMD in children with low intake: 100 mg/day.

• Supplementation during pregnancy to increase mineral accretion in fetus: 2000 mg/day for last trimester.

• Allergic rhinitis: 100 mg/day.

• Hyperacidity: 500-1 500 mg/day as required.

• Hyperlipidaemia: 400 mg three times daily.

• Hypertension: 1000-2000 mg/day.

• Dry eye: 10% w/w calcium carbonate in petrolatum base applied twice daily.

• Fluorosis in children: 250 mg/day.

• Prevention of colorectal cancer: 1200 mg/day. . Weight loss: 1000 mg/day. Caldum lfil

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